Vision and Strategy

• The raw materials used by Semimetais must have an excellent level of quality.

The materials we purchase comply with established technical specifications and the corresponding suppliers also have a constantly evolving quality index.

Highly specialized in the commercialization of metals and cutting of rolled products, Semimetais has developed its production lines to the point of being able to cut thicknesses from 0.1mm to 2.5mm and widths from 10mm to 1,500mm.

Semimetais takes as guiding principles flexibility and the ability to adapt immediately to new challenges, focusing on areas of recognized added value.

The management model is consistent and sustained, with emphasis on the role of Human Resources as an essential factor for productivity.

Our mission is to create and distribute an increasing amount of wealth, contributing to the wellbeing of global society.

Semimetais produces a wide range of products for the automotive industry, electrical appliances, metal furniture, the electrical industry, electronics, civil construction, shipbuilding, heating, refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, solar energy, etc. These are developed to provide the best performance during the production process, focusing on market needs!

Some of the products we process and market with various dimensions and characteristics can be obtained by transforming reels into sheets and strips (Crosswise Cutting and Longitudinal Cutting).