• Since 17 December 1982, the year in which Semimetais created its first cutting line, we have been continuously developing this area to the point where we currently have various cutting machines.

We are a company specialized in cutting aluminium, copper, brass and steel rolled products.

We are able to cut thicknesses from 0.1 to 2.5 mm and widths from 10mm to 1,500mm.

With the aim of obtaining a final product of excellent quality, Semimetais uses renowned steel mills around the world to supply the various classes of steel, aluminium, copper, brass, etc.

The constantly improving machine pool is technologically advanced, guaranteeing the reliability and quality of processing according to the desired requirements.

• Semimetais also offers material cutting services for customers, i.e. the customer provides the material to be cut, and Semimetais is responsible for processing it.

Some industries for which we work:

• Motor Vehicle Industry
• Coachwork
• Electrical Appliances and Electrical Equipment
• Metal Furniture
• Mechanical Construction
• Construction: Windows, doors, partitions, grilles and others.
• Household goods: Kitchen utensils, tools and others.
• Pressure Vessels
• Pipes
• Ventilation

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