• Founded on 1 July 1975, Semimetais was then headquartered at Rua Santos Pousada, no. 706 in Porto. On 27 November 1981, the same shareholders bought the company Bastos e Bastos, changing the company name to Sosemis, Lda, with headquarters at Rua da Rainha, no. 341 Fracção C in Vila Nova de Gaia, where the first cutting line was created. On 31 December 1985, the company Senna Botto e Leitão (Porto Branch) was also acquired, with its name being changed to Novometais, Lda, with head office at Rua do Almada 33/35 1a frente, in Porto. This company was more geared towards selling to small-scale industry and the general public. On 23/07/1992, 35% of the capital was sold to the German company Wieland Werke AG, the world’s leading company in the sector of copper and its by-products, such as brass. On 18/10/1993, a merger between Semimetais, Sosemis and Novometais was approved, with its premises moving in December of the same year to Rua Caminho do Senhor no. 938 in Vila Nova de Gaia, under the single name Semimetais, Lda. Adopting as its object the commercialization of metals and the cutting of rolled metals, these new facilities have an area of 7,000m2, including a covered area of 5,000m2, with manufacturing facilities consisting of 5 cutting machines and 950m2 of offices. On 18 December 1998, the company Semimetais became 100%-owned by the Wieland group. On 28 March 2011 Semimetais became 100%-owned by the Stemcor group. On 01 October 2014, Semimetais became a 100% locally-owned company, and as such, certified as an SME. It currently owns several technologically advanced cutting machines adapted to guarantee processing reliability and quality according to the desired requirements.