• Steel is a metal alloy that, due to its ductility, is easily deformable by forging, rolling and extrusion, and is the most widely used metal, accounting for 95% of global metal production. It is indispensable due to its low price and hardness, especially used in motor vehicles, boats and structural components of buildings, etc.

Highly specialized in the commercialization of metals and cutting of rolled products, Semimetais has developed its production lines to the point of being able to cut thicknesses from 0.1mm to 2.5mm and widths from 10mm to 1,500mm.

We have a wide range of sheets and strips made of aluminium, brass, copper, etc. in stock.

We currently process and market

• Cold-Rolled Steel
• Hot-Rolled Steel
• Galvanized Steel
• Electro-galvanized Steel
• Prepainted Steel

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